Deusto CodeWeek 2015

600 students from primary and secondary school participate in Deusto CodeWeek 2015. They attend hands-on activities, such as programming with Scratch, robotics with Bee-bot and Lego Wedo, and unplugged computing with games that only require pencil and paper. This way DeustoTech Learning and the Faculty of Engineering join the European Codeweek initiative, to promote young […]

Make World at course closure festival in Esc. Fatima school

  Make World project jumps from the screen to the real world thanks to Esclavas Fatima school’s students. Based on the Erasmus+ project, lead by the University of Deusto and in which Esc. Fatima is partner, they represented the game in front of their happy parents and relatives in the course closure festival. This game-round […]

LASI 2015 Bilbao

More than 60 people from different regions of Spain met the 22nd and 23rd of June in Bilbao to held the Learning Analytics Summer Institute 2015 – LASI. Sponsored by the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR), the LASI have become established in the last two years as an awareness-raising, capacity-building, international network of events, where […]