PhD. Pablo Orduña is a researcher and project manager at DeustoTech – Internet, where he works since 2007, and actively collaborates with DeustoTech – Learning. He finished his PhD in 2013, which was focused on scaling up the number of users of remote laboratories, having led the design and development of the WebLab-Deusto software system since October 2004. As part of this work, he was awarded with the MIT TR35 Spain 2012, which recognize the work of top 10 young Spanish innovators under 35 years, as well as invited as a guest speaker in the Singularity University in Silicon Valley. He has been a visiting researcher in both the MIT (Boston, 6 weeks, 2011) and UNED (Madrid, 6 weeks, 2012). He has co-authored over one hundred contributions in journals, conferences and books.

Email: pablo_orduna[at]