PLATON-Promoting innovative Learning Approaches for the Teaching Of Natural sciences aims to address the lack of relevance between what is taught in school and everyday life, by motivating teachers to update their teaching practices and bring inspiration into their science classroom, increase students’ interest in science and focus on developing students’ basic skills in math and science as well as 21st century key skills, like critical and creative thinking.

The PLATON project approaches science learning not as a decontextualized activities focused on the memorization of factual knowledge organized in a linear progression but as an approach that allows the generation of knowledge through a creative, constructive process that builds upon students’ prior understanding and evolves beyond what is explicitly taught. To this end, PLATON will build a methodology that combines the Inquiry Based Science Teaching Approach with the ‘Big Ideas of Science’ scheme for introducing interdisciplinary learning. This combination can produce a powerful blended approach that can enable teachers to build bridges between the science classroom and the world around us, rethink the way they perceive the science curriculum and take advantage of opportunities to introduce hands-on and minds-on activities for their students.

Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Ref. 2016-1- PT01-KA201- 022881