OlarexBookThe book “IT Innovative Practices in Secondary Schools: Remote Experiments”. O.Dziabenko (ed) and J.García-Zubía. (ed), Bilbao: University of Deusto, 2013, ISBN:978-84-15759-16-4 is designed and published in frame of the European KA3 Lifelong Learning Project “OLAREX: Open Learning Approach with Remote Experiments”.

This book presents the topic of modernizing the school sector through IT. Another objective is to promote a culture of experimentation and support students with interactive experimental laboratories. Online laboratories may prevent the marginalization of practical skills in school science curriculums.

The book is based on the results and discussions accomplished during the OLAREX project and on the presentation of best practices in OLAREX topics all over the world. The structured content presents an opportunity for this book to give a broad, well-balanced and comprehensive overview of the problems in STEM education, and discuss teachers’ professional development, ICT tools, and case studies of curriculums and assessment connected to remote experimentation. The book consists of three sections: Transforming Education through IT, Engaging STEM in Secondary Schools with Remote Experiments, and Inspiring Education with Remote Experiments.

The book – PDF version – is available for a download for free on the Deusto OpenBook Space