Learning Analytics

In the last decade we have passed from teaching platforms (Learning Management Systems) that replicate traditional academic structures (teachers, students, classes, etc.) to the use of disaggregated multiple services in the Cloud, what some authors call Personal Learning Environments (PLE).

The advantages of getting free from the rigid school structure are abundant, but these new ways of interpreting how learning improves using ICT imply many challenges. One of them is related to the assessment of the learning process. We aim to find new and more suitable assessment mechanisms in heterogeneous and disconnected learning environments, using Learning Analytics techniques, together with  Social Networks Analytics, Natural Language Processing and Opinion Mining tools.

We apply Learning Analytics to several learning contexts such as:

  • Remote laboratories
  • Competency-based learning
  • Educational tools for STEM education

DeustoTech Learning is also coordinator of SNOLA, the Spanish Network of Learning Analytics. Recognized by the Spanish Ministry in October 2015.