Remote Experimentation

Experimentation is essential to consolidate knowledge and skills, even more in technical studies. DeustoTech Learning aims to research and develop remote experiments that allow users to manage a real experiment through a Web interface using different devices. Our work seeks to decentralize the testing of experiments, taking them out of their educational environment (real or virtual) and bringing it to society, enterprise or industry to promote Lifelong Learning. Another objective is to facilitate to the educational community the access to remote laboratories, adding teaching and advising value on their use and implementation.

WebLab-Deusto is an open-source distributed Remote Lab used with students at the University of Deusto since February 2005 as an essential tool for their practice works in different engineering-related subjects. It makes possible to offer real experiments (e.g: FPGA, CPLD, PIC microcontrollers…) to a certain group of users through Internet. The experience of using the experiments remotely is exactly the same as using them in a traditional laboratory, but affordable, safer and cheaper. WebLab-Deusto provides an open source, scalable, distributed software architecture that makes easy to integrate new experiments.

Remote laboratories are being used in formal and informal education, as well as in manufacturing industry:

Formal Education

Lifelong and Informal Learning

Manufacturing Industry